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The 70 best BTS phrases (and song lyrics)

This South Korean musical band is sweeping across the world.
BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) is a South Korean Boy Band whose beginnings date back to 2013. It consists of seven members: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rm, Jimin, V and Jungkook.
The fan phenomenon that this Boy Band has meant in Asia is unparalleled, and even its influence is reaching other regions such as Europe or South America. His pop and R&B music has caused real fury around the world.
The 70 best BTS phrases
The 70 best BTS phrases

BTS great phrases

That is why we thought that this phenomenon deserved a selection of its best phrases that you can discover below. The 70 best BTS phrases and their best song lyrics, compiled especially for you.

1. At the end of my downfall, you are the last reason. Since I've been on the edge of the precipice. (Magic Shop)

The person we love is the one who can save us from our darkest thoughts.

2. I want a big house, cars and big rings. But in reality, I don't have big dreams. I have an easy life. Even if I don't dream, nobody tells me anything. (No More Dream)

We all look for a better life, but we really need very little.

3. At first glance I could recognize you, as if we were calling each other. The DNA in my blood vessels tells me that it is you who I had been looking for. (DNA)

Finding the right person for us is a wonderful thing.

4. If you can't fly, then run. Today we will survive. If you can't run then walk. Today we will survive. If you can't walk then crawl, but even if you have to crawl, get ready, aim, ready, fire! (Not Today)

We must fight to achieve our goals at any cost.

5. Stuck in a maze of decisions. Exhausted by all the chaos. We have wandered in search of the answer, lost in the maze, in the dark. (Love Maze)

Life can seem like a maze with no way out if we don't have something worth living for.

6. I worked hard to get my pay, I will spend everything on my stomach. Picking up pennies to waste it, leave me alone, even if I spend for others, even if I destroy my savings tomorrow, like crazy. (Go, Go)

We must do what is necessary to achieve happiness.

7. Caught in a lie, get me out of this hell, I can't free myself from this hell, save me, they are punishing me. (Lie)

Lies can lead us on a path of suffering in our lives.

8. I can no longer with this, because you are crying. I want to cry in your place, although I can't. (...) Brother, you have to cry, cry, cry and get over it. I don't know much about sadness, but I will still cry (Begin)

Overcoming the obstacles that life puts us is something we all must go through.

9. Going through the edge of the cold winter, until the spring days, until the days where the buds bloom. Please stay, stay there a little longer. (Spring)

In spring we live more emotions in full bloom, the weather changes people's mood.

10. When you tell me that you love me I feel as if I walk through the sky. Tell me about forever, just one more time. (Best of me)

The relationship with our loved one would like us to never end. One of the most beautiful BTS phrases.

11. There is no need to run if we don't even know the reason. It's okay not to have a dream. If you have moments where you feel happiness for a moment, it's okay to stop. (Paradise)

Enjoying life with the little things it brings us is a wonderful thing.

12. Deeper, deeper, the wound continues to deepen. Like pieces of broken glass that I can't repair. Deeper hurts the heart every day. You, who were punished instead of me; you, who were delicate and fragile. (Stigma)

When a loved one goes through a complicated situation we feel that we should be the ones who were in their place.

13. Yes, I hate you, you left me. But I never stopped thinking about you, not a single day. I sincerely miss you, but I will erase you, because it hurts less than to blame you. (Spring)

The relationships that bloom in summer and spring many usually end at the end of these seasons.

14. I wish love was as perfect as love itself. I wish all my weaknesses were hidden. I grew like a flower that can't bloom in a dream that won't come true. (Fake Love)

Loving someone who does not belong to us is a very bitter feeling.

15. Venturing into the deep night, the sound of you singing. Bring the red morning. One step and another step, and the dawn passes. And when the moon falls asleep, the blue shadow that remained with me disappears. (4 o'clock)

Dreaming of the person we love is something very common that does not usually happen to everyone.

16. When I was fifteen I had nothing, the world was very big and I was very small. Now I can't even imagine it. (BEGIN)

When we are teenagers we see things in a very different way from reality.

17. No matter if it hurts, squeeze more so I can't escape. Hold me tight and shake me until I am unconscious. Kiss me on the lips, this is a secret between the two. I am addicted to the prison inside you. (Blood, Sweat & Tears)

Being in love is something that can catch us in a subjective way.

18. You are my salvation, you are my shield, I only need you. You have the best of me, I need you, so please, don't leave me. (Best of me)

The feeling of need for the person we love is something that many of us share.

19. From the day of the creation of the universe and beyond, through the infinite centuries and beyond. In the previous life and in the next one, maybe too. We are eternally together. (DNA)

The love we feel for the person we love has no barriers in time or space.

20. This is the exact phrase, good will prevail in the end, once upon a time, Aesop's fables were flying. Look at your reality, very badly, even if I die now, I will be devilishly happy. (MIC Drop)

The world of our thoughts can take us where we want, everything is in our mind.

21. The more time passes, the deeper it becomes. I am between your past and your future now. (Don't leave me)

A phrase that invites us to travel back in time within this song.

22. It is not easy, failure and frustration, the words someone said to me after calling me, exhausted. You are a superstar, but I don't see any stars. (Airplane pt. 2)

The ups and downs of our life do not define who we are. One of the most repeated BTS phrases.

23. You can't do this to me. All the things you said are like a mask, hide the truth and tear me apart. It goes through me, I'm going crazy, I hate this. Take it all, I hate you. (I Need U)

Lies can hurt us a lot and make us see that person in a different way.

24. My blood, sweat and tears, and my body and mind know well that I am yours, this is a spell that will punish me. Peaches and cream are sweeter than sweet (...), but your wings are those of the devil and before your sweetness there is bitterness. (Blood, Sweat & Tears)

Love can lead us to a spiral that ends up becoming obsession.

25. I am so sick of this false love, false love, false love. I'm so sorry, but it's fake love, fake love, fake love. (Fake Love)

Nothing hurts more than a love that you know can never be reciprocated.

26. A thick layer of ice has formed in the dream that I have escaped for a short time, my dying phantom pain is the same, have I lost myself? (Singularity)

Finding ourselves is something very important and that we should all do in life.

27. I worked all night, every day, while you were partying at the club. In a different way than other boys, I don't want to say yes. (Dope)

Sometimes our partner does not treat us with the respect we deserve and we should do something about it.

28. I wanted to have the sea, so I swallowed you, but I'm even more thirsty than before. What I know is really the ocean, or a blue desert? (Be)

Love may seem like a desert if we don't find the right person.

29. In those days I hate myself for being me, in those days I want to disappear forever, let's make a door, it's in your heart. Open the door and this place will wait. (Magic Shop)

There will always be a hole in our hearts for the people we ever love.

30. In a sigh many worries hide. Stop thinking about it, you know what you are facing. In the middle of the road, at the moment you want to give up, shout louder: "And what, what, what?" (So ​​What)

We must overcome our fears and stand up to life as only we know how to do.

31. I want to hold you one more time before you disappear. Ah, the crystal flies high wherever it goes. Hey, there's nothing else I want, I just want to feel a little more. Can i feel your heart I want to feel it but it still slips from my fingers. (Crystal Snow)

Sometimes loving someone can be complicated and it seems that the situation is getting out of hand.

32. To be honest, I'm afraid of falling and letting you down. But if that requires all my strength, I'll make sure I'm with you by your side. Even if I fall and make a mistake again, and everything is covered in mud, I trust myself because I am a hero. (Anpanman)

Fighting for the person we love can be a hard road, but we must all travel.

33. I would only live for my interests and passions. (Never Mind)

In life we ​​have to follow the path we decide to travel.

34. Sorry, I hate you, I love you. Forgive me. (I Need U)

Love can be very complicated and something very difficult for third parties to understand.

35. I can taste failures, setbacks and bow my head, but we are still young and immature, bury all those worries. (Never Mind)

In our youth we must learn how we want to lead our lives and what we want to avoid.

36. I consume myself in these feelings. (I Need U)

Feelings can cause us great pain when we suffer a love loss.

37. Follow your path, even if you live for a day do something, put aside your weakness. (No More Dream)

We must achieve in our life what we really want by putting all our desire to achieve it.

38. We will both be connected, regardless of anything, even if we are far away we will see the same sky. (For you)

The love we feel for someone will remain with us no matter how far we are from that person.

39. If you know you can't go back, now you can beat those mistakes. (Never Mind)

Learning from our mistakes is what we must do to avoid committing them again.

40. I can't help it, it's definitely my heart, my feelings. (I Need U)

Feelings are not something we choose, they appear without us being able to do anything.

41. If it looks like you're going to crash, stay strong. (Never Mind)

We must stand firm in our convictions and persevere in them.

42. Ask yourself about your dreams, become the main theme of your life that has always been suppressed. What do you dream of?

Knowing our goals is necessary to be able to pursue them, we must ask ourselves.

43. I want a miracle to happen and you love me more than I love you. (Danger)

Unrequited love can be very painful and difficult to digest.

44. We are too young and immature to give up. (Never Mind)

Youth is a stage where it is difficult for us to control our own emotions.

45. The mirage that always seemed to be far away is now in front of my eyes. (Born Singer)

A phrase that tells us that things that seem unattainable can one day come true.

46. ​​Just live as you want, your life is yours. (Fire)

Living life in our own way is something wonderful that we should all enjoy.

47. Don't try so hard, it's okay to lose sometimes. (Fire)

A defeat can mean the prologue of a victory tomorrow.

48. Even if you ignore me, even if you act coldly, I can't ignore you, I can't get you out of my mind. (Boy In Luv)

Getting out of our mind that person we love so much can be a very hard thing to get.

49. I calmly want to fall asleep, intoxicated by your sweet aroma. (Just One Day)

From the person we love we like even his own scent, because it reminds us of him or her when he is gone.

50. Although our love came to an end, I carry you inside. (Let Me Know)

Although a couple separates we will always carry with us part of that love that one day we feel.

51. I want to become your sighs. (Miss Right)

We always want to be in the mind of our crush or crush.

52. Explore and venture into your deep forest of mystery. (Just One Day)

A phrase that tells us about wanting to discover the thoughts of our loved one.

53. I always dream, with your return, and just, I wait for you, nothing changed with what I felt here inside my heart. (Let Me Know)

Waiting for the return of someone we loved can be painful.

54. If I am with you, wherever we go, it is a flower garden. (Miss Right)

When we are with the person we love, we are completely happy.

55. If I could only be with you, I would kiss you from the beginning of the day. (Just One Day)

We always want to be as long as possible with that person we love so much.

56. I shoot as I want on my stage, but I still feel my ears full of screams from the audience. (Rise of Bangtan)

Success can overwhelm us even if we deserve it.

57. Don't say anything, not even a word, just give me a smile. (Butterfly)

Seeing the person we love happily is what we all want.

58. I like you too much, our heat will not cool, looked back like in a movie. (Let Me Know)

Love when it arises can be like a volcano inside us.

59. When our music starts, people go crazy, let's go is our style. (Rise of Bangtan)

The BTS's tells us what they feel when they go on stage, a great emotion without a doubt.

60. With you, I draw my future. (Miss Right)

With the person we love it is with whom we plan how our future will be. One of the BTS phrases that tells us about eternal love.

61. Everything changes, when love ends, hope ends. (Let Me Know)

When a love ends, the disappointment we can feel can be very great.

62. All this seems like a dream, don't try to disappear. (Butterfly)

Sometimes things seem too good to be true and we don't want them to ever end.

63. I knew that your salvation is a part of my life and the only hand that will embrace my pain. (Save Me)

The well-being of that person important to us may be totally paramount, we may not want to conceive of life without that person.

64. I still cling to your nonexistent love, there is no love, just tell me your mysteries. (Let Me Know)

Sometimes a relationship ends but we still feel something inside us that does not let us move forward.

65. The moment I get on stage, I always hear the sound of their screams, stay that way forever, because even if you die this way, I won't regret it. (Rise of Bangtan)

The emotions felt by this famous group on stage lead them to reach a state of fullness.

66. I feel attracted to you like a magnet. (Miss Right)

One of those BTS phrases that tell us about physical attraction.

67. When I think of you, the sun rises, makes me put aside sadness. (Save Me)

Thinking about a loved one always makes penalties less penalties.

68. You are my sun, unmatched in this world, I bloom for you.

When we are before the loved one we can feel in a very special way.

69. My heart is still looking for you, my love is forever. (Butterfly)

This letter from BTS tells us about an eternal love and still to be found.

70. As a puzzle piece, you fit my ideal type. (Miss Right)

Some relationships seem to be designed in a laboratory.
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