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85 Anime phrases (from the best series)

These series left an indelible mark on our mind. We review his best quotes and famous quotes.
The term Anime comes from the word "animation" , it was coined in the 1960s and comes to mean that it is a movie or series that was made by drawing, especially referring to products made in Japan.
Within the anime, their series or movies touch a lot of themes that can be aimed at all types of audiences, from children's series to horror stories.
85 Anime phrases (from the best series)
85 Anime phrases (from the best series)

The 85 best anime phrases

This genre has a large number of adherents throughout the old world, for this reason we have made this compilation of 85 Anime phrases (from the best series and movies), which surely can tell you a little about these masterpieces of Japanese animation

1. It makes no sense to tell a lie that comforts you, so I will tell you the truth. (Piccolo)

This Dragon Ball character has always shown a very particular way of thinking, perhaps that is why he is so dear to his followers.

2. Hate is the place where one hides when one cannot face sadness. (Berserk / Godo)

Hate can be a very bleak place to take refuge and can lead us to commit terrible acts.

3. I don't fight to have an offering in my grave, but for tomorrow's breakfast. (Sakata Gintoki / Gintama)

Fighting as a way of life is something very typical of Japanese samurai, something that is very well reflected in this anime.
85 Anime phrases (from the best series)
85 Anime phrases (from the best series)

4. Idiot, in this fight there is no victory or defeat. It is about a friend waking another punch, our duel will come later. (Naruto)

The fighting of this great series is undoubtedly spectacular, a benchmark of the genre.

5. If people did not feel sadness, they would not know what happiness is. (Onegai teacher / Kusanagi kei)

The characters of any anime can go through a lot of emotions throughout the duration of the series, they are usually very outgoing.

6. The most painful thing is not being able to reach that person you love. (To Tale Of Memories)

The relationships that are lived in this visual novel are undoubtedly very special and convey a lot of emotions to the viewer. One of the most romantic anime phrases.

7. You do not belong only to yourself, there is nothing in this world that belongs to yourself. All are connected. (Yuuko Xxxholics)

A great series whose argument is linking themes without many times we realize, highly recommended.
85 Anime phrases (from the best series)
85 Anime phrases (from the best series)

8. I want to return to the time we were together. (Kei Shindo)

The personal relationships in this anime (Tale of Memories) are very deep, if you like romantic anime it can be a great option.

9. We will never forget the ties that were engraved in our soul. (Yuzuru Otonashi)

A quote from the Angel Beats series that tells us about death and our goals in life.

10. If a loser makes many efforts, he may be able to overcome the power of a distinguished warrior. (Goku)

The great Goku is always shown with great desire for improvement throughout the cult series that is Dragon Ball.

11. Never lie, even if it's about your feelings. (Misaki Ayuzawa)

A phrase that keeps a great deal of truth, we must be honest and not lie to our friends or family

12. You have to do the opposite of what people expect. How else would you surprise them? (Yuri on ice / Viktor)

In this anime based on the world of figure skating the characters always seek to innovate and surprise the viewer

13. You are truly amazing, that's why everyone follows you. (Angel Beats!)

An appointment of the Angel Beats series, which has a large number of fans and every day that passes are more people who enjoy it.

14. If you do something wrong, it will turn against you, no doubt. (Jigoku shoujo / Takuma)

This anime has a wonderful setting and an argument that catches you from the start.

15. It is the links that make us suffer. What will you know what it means to lose them? (Sasuke)

Sasuke is one of his Naruto anime characters, which has a rivalry with the main character and they fight several times to discover who is the best of the two.

16. A hero is someone who overcomes every obstacle that life puts in his way! (All Might / My Hero Academia)

A great series of very entertaining adventures whose characters show great courage facing the obstacles they encounter in their path.

17. The only ones who should put their lives in danger are those who have no other choice. All that isn't is to do it for fun. (Madoka Magica / Kyouko)

Madoka Magica is an anime series with large doses of magic and that is widely accepted by the general public.

18. When you fight, it doesn't matter how many enemies you kill. If you fail to protect what you are supposed to protect, it is when you lose. (Okita Sougo / Gintama)

Gintama is a series with large doses of humor, which also parody other great series such as One Piece or Dragon Ball.

19. No matter how high you fly, you will always be the most valuable person in the world to me. (Vampire Knight)

A dark anime with a very exciting plot, the atmosphere and the soundtrack of this series plunges us into this world of Vampire Knight.

20. Insect. (Vegeta)

One of the main characters of the Dragon Ball series whose attitude throughout the series makes him a very charismatic character.

21. Humans are really despicable, when they are unhappy they make someone more unhappy to feel good. (Elfen lied / Lucy)

Without a doubt, the human species is capable of performing the most deplorable and despicable acts.

22. I love you to love you and not to be loved, since nothing pleases me as much as seeing you happy. (Inuyasha)

A series well known to everyone that transports us to a world where a girl meets a demon and eventually falls in love.

23. The coincidences do not exist, only the inevitable. (Yuuko Xxxholics)

The dark atmosphere of this anime will delight anyone who likes the genre of terror and gore.

24. If the world ends tomorrow, I would be happy to have met you. (Sailor Moon)

A reference in the world of anime without a doubt and possibly one of his best-known series worldwide.

25. Although the bright spring of my youth is over I still have a future. (Gai)

Quote from Gai Sensei, another of the characters in the Naruto series, which possibly has the largest legion of fans in this audiovisual world.

26. If I'm still alive, it's thanks to your heart. Even now, your heart beats in mine. (Angel Beats!)

Angel Beats is a series whose emotional content can be clearly seen in this quote.

27. It is time for your reward, Midoriya Izuku. You know what they say, right? There is a difference between those who were born with luck ... And those who have fought to win it! Swell your chest and feel proud. This is the power you have earned for yourself, boy! (All Might / My Hero Academia)

The adventures of My Hero Academia are thrilling and delight their spectators.

28. Loving someone is not a matter of logic or reason. (Paradise Kiss)

A series with large doses of romance inspired by the world of fashion and as its protagonist develops within it. One of the most remembered Anime phrases.

29. I will wait for the day we can die together. (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha begins as a very entertaining series whose argument is trapping us more and more until it becomes a great story.

30. Gohan is not fighting or distracting Cell, he is suffering the greatest pain of his whole life, he just wonders: Why doesn't his dad come to save him? (Piccolo)

The fight between Gohan and Cell is undoubtedly one of the most watched in the anime world of all time.

31. We were lovers even before we were born in this world. (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon also has scenes where the feelings of its protagonists are put to the surface.

32. I will always love you. Although this love I feel is never reciprocated. (Inuyasha)

The Inuyasha series also contains a part of tragedy that you must see for yourself to discover.

33. If you love someone it can make you feel sad. It can even make you feel lonely sometimes. (Fruits Basket)

This series of Romantic Anime is starring a young student named Toru, who is forced to live with a new family, she gradually knows them.

34. Even if it's not worth it and I have demon blood inside me ... thank you for loving me. (One Piece)

One Piece is one of those series that you could watch every day for the rest of your life.

35. The clouds cannot be caught, they fly away as soon as the wind blows them. They are the most wandering there is. (Shikamaru)

This quote belongs to another of the protagonists of the great Japanese anime series Naruto, whose wisdom we can see reflected in these words.

36. You can't keep waiting for your blue prince on his horse, sometimes it's better to ride your horse and go looking for him. (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon is a fantastic series that empowers women and shows them that they are capable of everything.

37. I don't need a glorious title like "the strongest," or a mediocre one like "the stupid older brother on earth." I am, Yorozuya Gin chan. (Gintoki / Gintama)

If you have not seen this series, you should see it as soon as you have the chance ... it is tricky!

38. That is because cruelty is much more interesting than goodness. (Yuuko Xxxholics)

This dark series takes us to the darkest place of the human spirit, always in the hands of a great plot plot.

39. Why should I apologize for being a monster? Has anyone ever apologized for becoming one? (Tokyo Ghoul)

Tokyo Ghoul is a great horror anime series that will surely delight gore and zombie lovers.

40. You will not defeat me because I am the prince of the Saiyans. (Vegetta)

Great date of possibly the second most beloved character of all Dragon Ball, The Prince of the Saiyans or Saiyans.

41. Your suffering. Your determination It's clear that I don't understand them perfectly, but… try to be the strongest without using all your strength, just to rebel against your dad. That's just a joke for me! (Midoriya Izuku / My Hero Academia)

The characters in this great series must overcome the problems that occur to them and learn from their mistakes.

42. It is ironic that those who do not have something understand it better than those who do. (Sakata Gintoki / Gintama)

Although Gintama is a series with large doses of humor, many of its quotes contain large doses of wisdom.

43. When I think of this city without me, I feel relieved. I want to go far, far away. (Erased)

This series may be one of the few cases that its adaptation made by real actors, surpasses the Anime on which it is based. You can see it on Netflix.

44. Those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon a friend are worse than scum. (Obito and Kakashi)

Two of Naruto's protagonists, whose fights are among the best we can see in this series.

45. People cannot get rid of sadness, because all people are fundamentally alone. (Evangelion)

Evangelion is a cult Anime that we should all see at least once in a lifetime if we like Anime.

46. ​​Humans die, animals die, plants die. Everything that lives, over time, must cease to exist. (Bleach)

Well-known series with a large dose of action and featuring spectacular fighting in the purest Japanese samurai style. One of the most recognizable Anime phrases.

47. Take the time to create your own masterpiece, because the world is what you make of it. (Yuuko Xxxholics)

A quote from this wonderful series that without any doubt you can not miss if you are lovers of strong emotions.

48. There is nothing happier than spending time with the person you love. (Plastic Memories)

A series with a great argument set in the near future and that theorizes about the possible androids that we can build.

49. Weapons are available to everyone. Sadly, in that we put our faith ... in bullets, not in humanity. (Jormungand)

This Anime tells us about the arms trade internationally and how its protagonist develops within that world.

50. No matter how powerful you become, never try to carry all of yourself. (Itachi)

Itachi sin H is another of the protagonists of the Naruto series, Sasuke's brother who will accompany us throughout the entire series.

51. At the time when protecting people was done on the merit or desire for compensation, the heroes ceased to be heroes. (Stain / My Hero Academia)

In this Anime, becoming a hero is what its protagonists want and how they get it by passing tests along the way.

52. It is much better to get dirty while living under your own beliefs, than to forget yourself and die clean. (Sakata Gintoki / Gintama)

Gintama also has moments of serious dialogues, it is an Anime that covers a lot of different emotions.

53. Dying is easy, living is what really requires courage. (Samurai X)

A great anime based largely on japan feudal and samurai fighting, a benchmark within the samurai genre.

54. The loneliest people are the friendliest. The saddest people are the ones who smile the most and the most damaged people are the wisest. (Fairy Tail)

A great quote from this great Anime that tells us a great truth about people and how they hide their true face.

55. Power is not determined by your size, but by the size of your heart and your dreams. (One Piece)

A great quote from this anime that in turn is extracted from a great boxer like Joe Frazier.

56. That is why I hate humans, they believe that they live fully but at the moment they face death, they realize that it is something special and they cling to life. (Death parade / Ginti)

A great series that talks about the death and transit of souls to the hereafter.

57. The question was not only to test you, but also to have someone to support my theory. (Death Note / L)

Death Note was undoubtedly a series that represented a before and after in the world of Anime and from which several films have been made.

58. In this world there are many people who enjoy being alone, but there is not a single person who can stand loneliness. (Fairy tail / Makarov master)

Fairy Tail is an anime that combines magic, adventures and a very special soundtrack, certainly a highly recommended series.

59. How can I be happy without the person I love most? (Samurai X)

In this great series, love has its place in the life of these great samurai. One of the Anime phrases with a more romantic and nostalgic component.

60. There is no story more attractive than a definite endless one. (Yuri on ice)

This series set in the world of sports, has some very good plot twists.

61. Miserable people need more miserable people than they do to feel happy. (Elfen Lied)

How we see what is right or wrong is one of the reflections we can get from this great Anime.

62. Not being afraid to suffer does not mean that you are strong. (Pandora Hearts / Eliot)

A very revealing phrase from this animated series written and illustrated by the great Jun Mochizuki.

63. Kindness is often confused with hypocrisy. (Fruit Basket)

In this series of romantic character, personal relationships become very tortuous at times.

64. After all, you don't win by defending yourself. To win you have to attack. (Death note / Light)

Death note is a cult series that also has several sequel movies about it that you can find in countless streaming platforms.

65. It is no use complaining about the things we have lost, that will only make us hungry. (Pandora hearts)

Seeing the adventures of the protagonists of Pandora Hearts, I could not starve anyone.

66. What value can a land have, if to retain it you have to take a person's life? (Detective Conan)

In Detective Conan the protagonist is dedicated to solving crimes in the purest Sherlock Holmes style. This is one of the phrases of Anime more gore.

67. It's never too late to start building happy memories. (Monster)

A very good series that tells the adventures of a surgeon who is chased by a psycho who operated years ago.

68. People cannot be perfect, everyone creates their own lie. (Death Note)

Lies follow each other throughout the argument of this great cult series.

69. There are things that are beautiful simply because they cannot own them. (Fate)

That which we cannot possess undoubtedly becomes something more beautiful for us, something unattainable.

70. And that's how the world ends, not with a bang but with a sigh. (Highschool Of The Dead)

A great series that tells the adventures of a group of friends who are involved in a zombie apocalypse, their screenwriter died unfortunately in 2017 due to a heart attack and is unfinished.

71. No malice found. It occurs naturally, like a hurricane or an earthquake ... (Another)

A series with very dark dyes that tells us about death and spirits, highly recommended for horror fans.

72. Righteousness is what opens the gates of hell. Do you get it? (Deadman Wonderland)

A fantastic series with very psychological nuances that will delight lovers of good plot plots.

73. Evil cannot always be felt. It is possible to hide it, if you are careful and skilled. (Blood-C)

Blood C is a horror / gore series with a wonderful setting and very deep dialogues, an ideal series for a Halloween night.

74. Only humans would have the voracity to see their companions killed. (Hellsing)

If you like monsters, fighting with weapons and the gore, this series will definitely delight you!

75. People have different ways of thinking, even when they make a mistake ... If the person realizes his mistake, he may amend it, if you keep your vision clear you will see the future, this is what this is about life ... (Vash Stampede)

Trigun is a very good series based on a kind of alternative West with some very interesting fighting and spectacular weapons.

76. There is no person who has no scars on his heart. (Hiei / Yu Yu Hakusho)

Yu Yu Hakusho is undoubtedly an anime that you should not miss if you have not seen it, one of the references of the genre.

77. In the language of flowers, red means determination and ... courage. (Rem / Trigun)

Rem in the Trigun series is one of his most important characters, the protagonist acquires from her many of his knowledge.

78. Soccer is not just a sport ... it is my passion. (Oliver Atom / Captain Tsubasa)

Who has not seen the great Oliver Atom finish off Chilean ever? A childhood series of many generations.

79. I don't want something like this to happen again, something that is unfair. Suddenly, the anger collapses and I become Super Saiyan. - (Gohan / Dragon Ball)

Gohan, son of Goku in Dragon Ball, is one of the main characters in this series and one of the most loved.

80. The day when everything I knew came to an end, I killed my best friend and embraced the love of my life for the first time. (Highschool Of The Dead)

The adventures of these boys to survive the zombie apocalypse are very exciting. A series to see one chapter after another!

81. Why does everything you say make me want to break your face? (Kazuma Kuwabara / Yu Yu Hakusho)

Kuwabara in Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the main protagonist's inseparable and together they star in many of his best chapters.

82. There is no rest for me in my search for peace. (Stamped Vash / Trigun)

The protagonist of Trigun fights combat after combat to achieve his goal to defeat Knives.

83. I don't understand this strange power of blood. It hurts and I'm scared ... but I won't give up, not without fighting. (Deadman Wonderland)

In Deadman Wonderland, Ganta, its protagonist, has to overcome all those problems that life puts in his way.

84. A person cannot win anything without losing anything ... To win something you need something of the same value ... This is the principle of the Equivalent Exchange (Full Metal Alchemist)

A very entertaining series that is about 20 years old but still as good today, as it was at the time.

85. I fight for what I need, and I kill whoever gets in my way. (Genkai / Yu Yu Hakusho)

One of the most inspiring characters in the entire series, Yu Yu Hakusho, which shows him the way forward to his protagonist Yusuke Urameshi.
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