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The 70 best phrases of Canserbero

This artist made it clear in his lyrics that a better future is possible.
In this article, we collect the 70 best phrases of Canserbero, a deceased Venezuelan artist and rapper, who composed mostly vindictive songs, social and also romantic.
As we will see, most of these phrases can be found in their letters. Many of them also have a poetic character. They deal with issues of love, oblivion, lack of love, emotions, social demands, death, injustices, religion ...

Who was Canserbero?

The 70 best phrases of Canserbero
phrases of Canserbero

Canserbero was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on March 11, 1988, and died with only 27 years, on January 20, 2015, in Maracay, also Venezuela.
Canserbero was a rapper, composer and Venezuelan activist. Its original name is Tirone José González Orama. Through his lyrics, he composed rap songs of a vindictive and independent nature. His music became famous especially for Latin America and Venezuela.
Without further delay, we will know the best rhymes of this ill-fated artist.

The 70 best phrases of Canserbero

We will see the 70 best phrases of Canserbero, most of them present in their rap songs and in their combative lyrics.

1. I am not a gold coin, they taught me to be honest to believe me when the wolf comes out.

If we lie to those who love us, the day we need to be truly believed they will not.

2. And who does not die, only the one who forgets dies.

The people we forget are those who die, according to him, metaphorically speaking.

3. Love is that gun with which we all shoot at some time.

It alludes to love, which also makes us suffer, like a bullet.

4. Time heals wounds in an obvious way ... although no wound heals without scarring.

They say that time heals everything; Even so, the things that hurt us, even if we forget them or forgive them, mark us and define us forever.

5. We know people when we last see them.

Sometimes in a farewell, many things of the other person appear; many of them, essential things for oneself (or of vital importance).

6. If you don't sweep the shit today, maybe tomorrow you step on it.

Sometimes we must "make clean" with the past, that is, forgive, review, analyze ... to move forward and focus on the present. One of the most remembered phrases of Canserbero.

7. All we need is love

The theme of love is recurring in his songs. He speaks of love as a "salvation," or as the only important thing in life, beyond superficial things.

8. I invite you to dance lady loneliness on the planet. And sorry if the floor, but this heart squeezes me.

Loneliness is present in our lives; in some more than in others, and/or for longer. When we find someone who makes us happy, in a way, we stop being alone.

9. I kissed your feet to be in your tracks.

As a form of compliment.

10. Excuse my rudeness but damn the day when the sensibility came into my life.

It makes a pun, since rudeness and sensitivity are antonyms.

11. We walked without looking for each other although knowing that we were walking to meet.

Talk, in a way, about destiny. That we wander through life "searching", with our actions and without realizing it, to that person who will make us happy, to end up finding her.

12. Heart and body do not speak the same language.

Especially in matters of love, sometimes the heart (emotions) says one thing and what the body wants (physically) is another, and it is not easy to match.

13. I am in those times when drop by drop the mind runs out.

The mind (thoughts) also needs to rest.

14. I think it's time to forget your kisses.

It is a melancholic phrase, as of sorrow; It's not always easy to forget a person. In this sentence, he tells himself that "it is time" to do it.

15. It is Machiavellian to meditate alone where you lived everything with her.

Relationships are not easy, especially when there are third parties, or stories of the past "in between."

16. You are the cause of this feeling that I do not breathe from these cravings for oblivion and at the same time being with you.

Talk about the contradictions of love and heartbreak ... of oblivion and love that is desired at the same time.

17. That is why I no longer believe in my pillow, or in my shadow, that is to say anything. I don't even believe in my old man, if one day I tell you that I believe you, don't believe me that I believe you because I don't believe in my reflection anymore.

He speaks of disbelief, of not trusting us or of our own shadow. Perhaps for having lived negative or disappointing experiences with oneself and others.

18. Thank you for teaching me what to improve and knowing that not everyone should apologize.

We are all imperfect, and we can always improve as people.

19. We laugh and cry, we fall we get up, we enjoy the good, we learn from the bad.

In life, there are moments of everything; laughter, crying, pain ... We must learn to move forward and enjoy the good.

20. Try to save what is worth it, and throw away what is no longer useful, throw it away even if it hurts.

We must get rid of the things that hurt us and that don't let us move forward, and keep the good things.

21. My mind is my worst enemy .. he said to me: I will tell you what a lie is without thinking about the harm it would do to me.

The lies end up damaging in the long run. Of those phrases of Canserbero that make us think.

22. Although I don't believe in love at first sight, I believe in wanting at first night.

Love and passion are recurring themes in his songs.

23. Although I can not want to live without you.

He speaks of love as something not to be needed, but simply to be wanted, loved.

24. If not for those times when I usually breathe I could swear that I don't remember anything.

Also a kind of pun on your songs; Talk about oblivion.

25. And the worst part is that I know so much about you that I could teach intensive classes in your life.

Sometimes we know people so much that we could explain practically all their lives to others; Perhaps here it refers to the pain of knowing someone so much that they have failed us or that they have damaged us.

26. If this is not love then I am crazy for no reason.

Love often makes us seem "crazy," or act irrationally.

27. Let him who does not believe in anyone raise his hand and if no one raises them, I raise it.

Here Canserbero says he doesn't believe in anyone, perhaps because of disappointments.

28. As a paratrooper who forgot the parachute, this love collapsed.

Make a metaphor, and compare the parachute landing with a love that breaks.

29. You should close your eyes to a good smell, and slowly enjoy all good taste.

It focuses on sensations, smell, the enjoyment of a perfume or a smell.

30. I am already disturbed by the injustice that it causes to suffer, but still, I do not ignore the news before sleeping.

It is a claim letter; He speaks of injustices, which although frustrated, must be known and heard.

31. I admit that sometimes I get tired of fighting and would like to sleep to never wake up.

Sometimes the fight tires physically and mentally, so we must also rest and disconnect to gain strength.

32. Something as simple as that I go in you and you go in me as two pieces that fit perfectly.

It speaks of the perfect union between two people who want each other, and who sometimes feel like "one."

33. When I die, throw a pencil in the wooden box and do not let those in life do not want to.

He speaks of his death; He just wants to be visited - or remember, who knows - the people who loved him, not hypocritical people.

34. I am so confused I don't know whether to cry, bother or sit down to think, look for you or just wait.

Talk about mixed feelings, confusion and contradictions.

35. And you believing yourself better for having money.

Money is another thing, does not define or represent anyone. It takes away importance.

36. My eyes are betrayed when I hear his name.

The glances speak, since the eyes are very expressive, and it is difficult to hide from that. A reflection of Canserbero on love.

37. Ants are all just change the anthill.

We are all equal (in rights), even if we come from different places, and live in different places.

38. Please tell me you love me or I won't stop tantrums lying on the floor.

It is a way of saying that "if you leave me, I will be very sad", but in a bit childish words.

39. It is hard for me to think that there is another living being worth giving my heartbeat to.

Talk about the disappointment that people can produce; Surrender to someone to end up hurting.

40. Females like them were born to inspire wars.

Talk about the strength of women.

41. A kiss and a caress goodbye routine and thinks that if I leave you you will take his life.

The small acts of love from day to day, are what make us have illusion.

42. I am sincere so I don't want to, true things are said lightly even if they are hurt, life goes as it arrives.

It encourages sincerity and talks about its importance although it sometimes hurts.

43. We care about stupidities and forget that when we die we only carry what we enjoy.

It's another way of saying: Carpe Diem! Enjoy the moment! Well, life is short.

44. Well, my only defense is to explain this misunderstanding, give me another chance and I swear you'll want to grow old with me.

Another phrase with rhyme; Here he asks for another opportunity to explain the things that may have affected the relationship and explains his desire to continue.

43. I will not tell you that I believe that I will die without you, because I do not believe... I know that I am a warrior.

In this sentence, he speaks of the suffering generated by heartbreak, but of the forces, we draw to pull forward.

44. If with everything you have you are not happy, with everything you lack either.

Happiness is not having everything, nor wishing to have everything; It is to be happy with what you have.

45. I felt like butterflies what I know today are worms.

Sometimes emotions confuse us, or we realize things long after living them.

46. ​​Hate is sometimes so much that I hide it with a smile.

Hate, like another emotion, does not always hide where we usually think, but can be camouflaged in other gestures.

47. I feel like a madman trying to still trust someone on the planet of hypocrisy.

Another social claim; He talks about the hypocrisy of society and how difficult it is to trust someone.

48. All the evil in the world is in a man who beats to death with another. Where is all the goodness?

Here he indirectly refers to wars and the evil of the people who perpetrate them.

49. I do not know if there is a God but if I exist I am almost certain that he is not a great tiger with mane but rather that voice that most of us ignore and listen when we get into trouble.

He speaks of God as a voice that "guides" us and we turn to when we have a problem.

50. After all, death is so sure of winning. That advantage gives you a life.

A singing to life; It is a way of saying: "Let us live, since we die surely we die."

51. After all, being happy is what I must demand from you; If you are already happy without me I cannot contradict you.

Here Canserbero expresses that what matters is that the other is happy, and that if he is without us we cannot recriminate him anything.

52. Hopefully, those who always lie drown ... and once in hell, they burn forever.

Talk, in a way, about revenge. From wishing evil to people who have done evil.

53. I lack the air and the heart tucún, tucún, tucún. Today blood is going to run, I know where that one moves… Today I am going to become a criminal, I don't believe in anyone anymore. Unless I become a dead man. Today I will avenge my brother, as I swore to my father.

He speaks of revenge, of "social justice", of a harsh reality he lived ... You can tell he feels frustrated and angry.

54. There is only one thing in you that I admire: and that is how being so two faces, you can sleep so quietly.

He talks about hypocrisy and lies, and how sometimes people have two faces and hide it very well (or it seems that they are not affected by the damage they can cause).

55. I hate when this happens, having a dream and feeling that it was true even when you are already awake.

Sometimes we dream things that we want very strongly that are true; However, when we wake up, we are disappointed with reality.

56. God cannot duplicate what I think when I observe you because more than once I cannot enter hell.

It is another pun, it speaks of God and hell, and of a person ... Perhaps it refers to someone who has caused him harm, because he is in hell.

57. It is not a solution to give education to the poor if you give them a poor education.

This phrase reflects on the importance of education being a quality education, not just "education."

58. As time goes by, youth is over and you don't notice it until you lose half of your life without feeling the simple and special things. Like your people you hugged only at Christmas.

Talk about the "carpe diem", to seize the moments, because life goes by so fast and we don't realize it.

59. My arm tells me that love will take me away but hate taught me to be a lynx and not a fool.

Talk about innocence and mischief; love often makes us "innocent" and vulnerable, but when we live painful experiences we learn not to trust anyone.

60. Trusting who you love does not know if it is virtue or defect, even more knowing that nothing is eternal or perfect.

Talk about love, which can sometimes hurt because it can end.

61. And they believe that speaking straw they will silence a movement called sincerity, reality, truth or whatever they want or shooting at me they can make my voice die.

Canserbero claims to sing, saying that he will never shut up and that he will always say what he thinks, denouncing the injustices.

62. I would like to be less complicated and more understood, that the public understands more clearly what I write and say.

Here Canserbero talks about the desire for others to understand his lyrics and songs.

63. You should never let a comment complicate you because even improving the world someone will have to criticize you.

They will always criticize us, whatever we do. So we better do what we are born and what we want.

64. Today I just want to think about things that make me laugh yes. May they make me happy. Stop looking at gray clouds that you will wallow. Root all unhappy memories.

Talk about being happy, focus on the good things, enjoy.

65. It was perfect, as if it were a story. I could even create a defect, in case the perfect thing scared me. The fact is that for a moment I entered into reason and I was not dreaming, I was making love to you.

It is a quite poetic and rhythmic phrase; It explains what it is like to make love with a certain person. He talks about his feelings, about having the feeling that everything is perfect, about being a dream.

66. Never say "forever", "forever" or "forever" if whenever I turn around you stop being transparent.

Talk about hypocrisy, lies, and deception, very common in people, especially in love and relationship issues. Ask them to be honest with him.

67. We live training to make money or studying things that sometimes we don't even want, sculpting our bodies to be good and good because we know that to see hearts all are blind.

It is a phrase of vindication and social criticism. It speaks of what they instill in us, of what we reproduce as a society and of what we "pursue", sometimes without even wishing it.

68. I live in fear of doing the right thing with the wrong person or doing the wrong thing with the right person.

It is not easy to agree: do the "right thing" with the right person. Sometimes we only get one of the two things.

69. I want to see you shine like the star that made us leave a trace in this vast abstract universe.

It is another pun; Talk about the universe and the impact of a person through rhymes.

70. And if we die and go to heaven, I will escape hell and make love to you in a cloud in honor of our memories.

Many of Canserbero's phrases, like this one, are poetic; Talk about death, love, and memories.
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