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71 expressions of love and complicated relationships - yes, therapy helps!

71 expressions of lack of love and complicated relationships

71 expressions of lack of love and complicated relationships

The lack of love is, perhaps, the worst moment we have to spend in this life, and, unfortunately, which every human being has experienced. Some people use it better than others, but when our first love broke our heart, it took us a long time to recover from this increase.

Love can go wrong

Our emotions do not allow us to sleep or think clearly, and some individuals may even lose the desire to eat. Severe cases of depression can cause some people to suffer from depression and obsession, and the acceptance of the parade of people we desperately need to move forward. That is, to survive.

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71 best quotes on pain

Love and indifference have inspired many novels, poems, films, and songs, as they have aroused public interest. That's why today, from  Psychology and Mind, we've put together an article you like. Then you can enjoy the best phrases about lack of love:

1. You have to learn to leave the table when love is no longer serving (Nina Simone)

The only way to overcome the lack of love is to accept it. Otherwise, it will be difficult to manage the situation and damage will not keep you alive.

2. It's hard to forget someone you imagined spending the rest of your life (Unknown)

The hardest thing to overcome in separation is the memories of others. But if you have high expectations and you see him throughout your life, putting your feet back on the ground is very complicated.
71 expressions of lack of love and complicated relationships

3. The absence of our loved one is worse than death and disappointment is worse than despair (William Cowper)

Some psychologists claim that heartache can be more painful than death. Why not? Because death has a sad process that ends with acceptance. There are cases, but, for example, others may live nearby or make your life impossible, so suffering can last for a long time.

4. Sometimes the simple "I miss you" changes everything (Unknown)

Pride can cause us to ruin our beautiful love relationship, as communication is lost and there are barriers between the two actors. But there are situations where dialogue can end differently, and when we tell someone we miss them, it's better than fighting.

5. Losing someone special brings tears to your heart, but remembering all the good times brings a smile to your face (Unknown)

The good times you share with someone must be a great memory. But when someone leaves and you think you can't be with that person, sadness overwhelms you.

6. Keep sharing your heart with others even when they have broken it. Don't treat your heart like a plastic-wrapped doll (Amy Poehler)

It is common that when we break our heart, we will close the band and it will burden us to reopen it to others. The sooner we can handle it, the sooner we feel better.
71 expressions of lack of love and complicated relationships

7. When you miss someone, time seems to move slower, and when I fall in love with someone, time seems to pass faster (Taylor Swift)

Love makes us excited and full of neurotransmitters like dopamine. On the contrary, when we miss someone, sadness strikes us.

8. Losing someone is your heart reminding you that you love it (Unknown)

When we talk about love, we are really referring to the head. So when we miss someone, it's our memory that reminds us of that person.

9. Nothing makes a room more emptier than it wants someone to be in it (Unknown)

When our loved ones are so much with us, we are in heaven. On the contrary, when the person we are complaining to is far from us, we feel absolute loneliness.

10. Unlucky is a simple accident, accident is not for love (Albert Camus)

Not being loved is hard, but it's sad to not love anyone in life or to know how beautiful love is.

11. The opposite of love does not hate, but indifference (Elie Wiesel)

When we hate someone we love,  we still feel love for that person. Therefore, it cannot be said that we no longer love him. When love leaves, indifference arises.
71 expressions of lack of love and complicated relationships

12. Because love when it doesn't die, kills. Because love kills never dies (Joaquin Sabina)

Joaquín Sabina plays the words in this part of the song. He came to say that when they left us and we continue to love, we die of love, because love never dies.

13. The worst way to miss someone is to sit next to them and know that you can't have it (Gabriel García Márquez)

You can accept that they don't like you and stay away from that person for a while until they get better. But when you keep seeing that person, and there are still people close,  it becomes a real temptation.

14. Love is so short and long forgotten (Pablo Neruda)

Some love it, because they are endless and intense, it takes a lifetime to forget it, said Chilean poet Pablo Neruda with this phrase.

15. You can forget what you were laughing but not what you were crying (Gibran Jalil Gibran)

When you meet someone who can reach you in the heart  ... it's hard not to remember.

16. Sores do not heal, and all life goes on (popular word)

This phrase compares heart disease to an incurable disease. When love in your life breaks your heart, wounds may remain open for a long time.

17. Friendship with someone who asks for love is like giving bread to a thirsty person (Ovidio)

This phrase says it's impossible to be friends with someone you love. When there is love, there is, and if not, no. It's easy

18. Do you know the best of broken hearts? That they can only break down once. The rest is scratches (Carlos Ruiz Zafón)

There is nothing like first love, which elevates us to the highest. The fall is so strong that, when we recover, nothing is the same. Then you like it, but differently.
71 expressions of lack of love and complicated relationships

19. The hardest is not the first kiss, but the last (Paul Géraldy)

Giving the first kiss to the person you want is one of the most amazing experiences people can enjoy. But the last kiss, which says goodbye, is the opposite: hell.

20. There is no love in peace. It is always accompanied by agonies, ecstasies, great joys and deep sorrows (Paulo Coelho)

Great love always has a high degree of intensity, not only in moments of intimacy, but also in conflict. In addition, other phrases say, close love is the most loved. Is it true?

21. I don't know what I like: hate me with my heart ... or love me without love (Ricardo Arjona)

To hate you with your heart means that he or she loves you very much. Instead, your love without love is that it is with you but it does not love you.

22. Love is like a war, easy to start, difficult to resolve, impossible to forget (Henry-Louis Mencken)

As we said, love tends to have some intense conflicts due to the intense feelings that flood the hearts of both lovers. The truth is that when it comes to true love, it's almost impossible to forget.

23. He who doesn't love you like you, should not be remembered (Niki Lauda)

This phrase says that you do not waste your time and energy on someone who does not think or appreciate you. So you have to accept it when it's done.

24. We are easily deceived by our loved ones (Molière)

When we love someone with our strength, we become weak. It doesn't matter if we're strong people, no one can lose their love for that person.

25. Kisses who come to laughter, then cry as they go, and in them a lost life, which will never return (Miguel de Unamuno)

And the joy of the first kiss is accompanied by tears and sadness when love is over. To think that you will never kiss those lips again is not easy.

26. Where lovers break forever there is a monument to their separation. They will see it again intact and marbled as many times as they pass through this place (Ramón Gómez de la Serna)

A reflection of love that can make us think about a few things.

27. The worst pain is dislike (John Lennon)

The mythical guitarist of The Beatles left us a phrase full of this truth. Loneliness is the worst curse.

28. Like empire: when their ideas are lost, they perish (Milan Kundera)

Beautiful metaphor of the great romance author Milan Kundera.

29. A man who has never gone through his insanity has never overcome them (Carl Gustav Jung)

Psychoanalysts reflect the ability to resolve internal conflicts.

30. How many things are lit, even in the depths of my soul, how many lamps you bring in, I do not know how to turn off (Chavela Vargas)

A phrase about the poetic indifference of the great Mexican singer Chavela Vargas.

31. Where water, sighs remain (Anonymous)

Anonymous appointment for independent interpretation.

32. You can forget what you were laughing at but not the one you were crying (Khalil Gibran)

Good times can last a long time in memory, but unique moments can also be emotional torrent.

33. Love is like war, easy to start, difficult to solve, impossible to forget (Henry-Louis Mencken)

Beautiful expressions that contain great reality. Forgetting love isn't practical.

34. He only spent ten minutes in love with his life, and spent thousands of hours thinking about it (Paulo Coelho)

There is no doubt that we are very vulnerable to the people we love. That's why we are so affected by the sentimental burst.

35. Don't weep over the death of love (Danns Vega)

Even in relationships, self-esteem still exists. In this reflection, emphasis is placed on the need to remember what is right for ourselves.

36. They will one day realize that they have lost their diamonds while playing with precious stones (Ominek Turcois)

One of the most painful aspects of the separation has to do with the blow to self-esteem. However, it's good to remember that over time it looks different.

37. Nothing in the universe can prevent you from leaving and starting over (Guy Finley)

Understanding separation as a new birth is possible.

38. Sometimes, life separates people so that they are aware of what they mean (Paulo Coelho)

This is one of those phrases about love without love that focuses on the positive, the possible future created by separation.

39. Never love someone who treats you as normal and normal (Oscar Wilde)

Oscar Wilde describes a passionate and sentimental relationship.

40. Monotony makes a bad trio of love (Danns Vega)

Routine can be one of the elements that hinder the evolution of healthy relationships.

41. Better to love and to lose than to be loved (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

Love and relationships are a great way to live a truly fulfilling life. This phrase about disunity and complicated relationships is a reminder.

42. Hearts Made to Break (Oscar Wilde)

There are many ways to interpret Oscar Wilde's quote. One of them is thinking that it expresses a pessimistic vision of love, though it also refers to our ability to move forward despite breaking our heart.

43. Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice (M. Kathleen Casey)

This reflection tells us that we have the potential to prevent pain from becoming painful. Very useful in difficult areas of communication.

44. Some believe that it is to resist what makes us strong; but sometimes it releases (Anonymous)

Removing old habits and related ways is something that sometimes makes us more independent and more independent.

45. The hottest love has the coldest end (Socrates)

One of Socrates' expressions of unconditional love, referring to a relationship that was initially based on lust.

47. Love is unconditional, but the relationship is not (Grant Gudmunson)

An obvious paradox based on the difference between love and the relationship on which it is based.

48. I don't miss him, I miss who he thinks he is (Anonymous)

A reflection to consider:  Love is so easy to have on someone else's false image, because of the way you can sharpen someone.

49. Loss of love does not hurt because of our reluctance to accept that it has occurred (Tigress Luv)

The pain caused by the idea of ​​being abstract as losing someone can be worse than not seeing the person. One of the phrases of pain that calls our attention to the possibility of attending to our way of thinking after loss or rest.

50. Sometimes, we need to be aware that some people can remain in our hearts, but not in our lives (Password Lynn)

Living with one's memories is a way that doesn't feel so separate from it.

51. Who does not live, does not like. Who doesn't like, never lives (Unknown)

Love and lack of love, although they are sometimes painful,  they are unique experiences that make us feel alive.

52. Love is over, but never remembered (Unknown)

Anyone with a great love knows that, even though they haven't seen each other for years, their memories will last forever.

53. Where there is fire leaving ashes (popular words)

In a never-ending line of love, love rarely falls into oblivion.

54. Never allow anyone to waste your time twice (Unknown)

We can stumble once, but not twice with the same stone. Lessons for life and love.

55. Behind a great woman, she is always herself (Unknown)

Phrases to strengthen women's courage.

56. Those who are in a rush to flee are those who have never wanted to stay (Unknown)

If someone went to the first exchange, he probably never wanted to be with you for real.

57. Apologies are from smart people. Forgiveness is from the wise (Unknown)

Forgiveness is always painful, but it helps us move forward.

58. It all starts with a smile, followed by a kiss and ends with a story (Unknown)

The cycle of love and love. Little by little, what was just a gesture, became a beautiful love story.

59. Do people who wait often suffer more than those who never wait for someone? (Pablo Neruda)

Chilean poet's prayer.  Is it worth the love story, even though they may be wrong?  Everyone has to answer this uncomfortable question.

60. I like, you like, you like, we like, you like, they like. I hope it's not conjugation but reality (Mario Benedetti)

Play with words that express softness and sadness at the same time.

61. Poetry is born of pain. Happiness ends in itself (Pablo Neruda)

Phrases for free interpretations for two seconds of frustration as we begin dating.

62. Some things in the past are lost but others open up opportunities for the future and what I want to save (Mario Benedetti)

Passive phrases but at the same time save positive thinking.

63. Believing in time, which tends to give sweet way to many hardships (Miguel de Cervantes)

Phrases are used for love, pain, and life in general.

64. Those who suffer because you love: love more; to die of love is to live (Víctor Hugo)

The frustration of love can be seen positively, as something that inspires us to feel and live.

65. Desires are like the wind, needed to give movement to everything, even though they are often the cause of hurricanes (Bernard Le Bouvier de Fontenelle)

The most feared problem in life is born of its longest desire. Great reflection of French writers.

66. We have never forgiven more than we love to forgive (Jules Renard)

French playwrights recognize an uncomfortable fact: we only forgive people who, for some reason, are useful to us.

67. If you cry because of the sun, tears will not let you see the stars (Tagore)

Indian writers give us this valuable metaphor.

68. Love is like wine, and like wine, it entertains and destroys others (Stefan Zweig)

Another subtle metaphor that shows us the benefits and disadvantages of love. Some people feel great, and others are left on the floor.

69. When love is not reciprocated, close the door so that the window can be opened (Unknown)

It is not worth it to be blinded by just one possibility. If someone denies us his love, another option will come up soon.

70. Learn how to forget, more to say than art (Baltasar Gracián)

It's a matter of luck, which can easily be forgotten by those who have marked us.

71. The first love is a little madness and a great curiosity (George Bernard Shaw)

Spending many years, the first love is never forgotten, it always remains in its purest memory.

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