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Christian Birthday Phrases +100 Messages and Congratulations

🎈 Birthday messages for Christians

This is a great day because on a day like today someone special was born, you were born and people like you are not born every day. Happy birthday and may God give you a hundred more years of life.
Happy Birthday! This day is also very special for all of us who love and miss you, have a nice birthday and may God always accompany you. They are our most sincere wishes. A big hug and lots of kisses!
Congratulations! I want to wish you a wonderfully spectacular day because you are a great person ... God take care of you a lot ... Happy Birthday!
Despite being your birthday and receiving gifts; neither life nor anyone can reward you with everything you deserve. If so, the world would be yours, because it is the least you deserve. May God bless you in your day.
I wish you the sweetest of days and I want you to know that you are in our hearts day by day, do not forget how special you are to us. Happy Birthday!
May the joy of this day be the constant expression of your life. Happy Birthday!
Christian Birthday Phrases
Christian Birthday Phrases 
Thinking of you on your birthday, wishing you much happiness and may God bless you today and forever.
Every year you meet is a great blessing, because I am by your side I thank God.
God has given you a happy life so celebrate your birthday by thanking Him.
May your gaze always be reflected in the image of God. Happy Birthday.
You were a great creation of God and you changed the lives of many, happy birthday and many blessings.
In this new year you are celebrating, I want to thank you for being someone with whom I can always talk, meditate, reflect and share my life. Happy Birthday and may God always keep you!
Christian Birthday Phrases
Christian Birthday Phrases
May God Bless you on this day, and may we continue to share life for many more years. Happy Birthday!
Each birthday renews our existence and is another year of youth when you have an ageless heart, a life inspired by love and guided by the wisdom of God. Happy Birthday!
You are a blessing and on each birthday we all remember you with love. Happy birthday and God bless you.
Your friendship is proof that God loves me. Happy Birthday.
Every day I thank God for all the things that happen to me, but especially for giving me the opportunity to meet you on my way. Happy Birthday.

Christian Birthday Phrases
Christian Birthday Phrases
Happy anniversary and may God bless you more and more! Have fun, this is your day.
Happy birthday, may God give you many more years and fill your life with blessings.
I wish you a very happy and unforgettable day and many more to come. God bless you!
I thank God for allowing me to have a friend as good as you. Happy Birthday.
Birthdays come and go, but unforgettable people remain in the heart forever. Happy Birthday, may God bless you today and forever.
Thank you I give God for the great person you are and on your birthday I wish you the best with all my heart.
You deserve the best of this world and today, which is your birthday, I wish that God's blessing abounds in your heart.
All the birthdays you spend are thanks to Jesus and this birthday is the same. Congratulations on your new birth.
Christian Birthday Phrases
Christian Birthday Phrases
God has given you meaning and purpose in life by creating you. Happy birthday and many blessings.
May the Almighty always give you the desires of your heart. Congratulations!
Have a very happy and unforgettable day! God bless you today, tomorrow and forever.
On this special day, I only wish that God continue to bless you and grant all the requests of your heart. Happy Birthday.
Congratulations on your birthday. God bless you!!!! And have a great time with your family and friends.
Christian Birthday Phrases
Christian Birthday Phrases
May God bless you on this day, and may we share many more years with your presence. Happy Birthday!
Your birthday is more than a celebration, since God joined us and we should thank you with all our heart.
Wishing you another year full of blessings and happiness. Congratulations to you today.
A very happy and unforgettable afternoon for you and may God bless you in every possible way.
My prayer for your entertainment is for a life full of light and happiness. And may God always accompany you in everything you do.
A beautiful date has arrived, your birthday is why today I want to wish you God bless you and long life. I love you so much and happy birthday

🎉 Short Christian Birthday phrases

  • May our Lord be with you in the new year of life that you are beginning, and never forget to thank Jesus for all the blessings received. I send you messages full of congratulations and many hugs.
  • Happy Birthday! Have a great time with your family and all the friends who love you. Do not forget that receiving another year of life is a great reason to thank Our Lord Jesus Christ, so you must include it in your celebration today.
  • Congratulations on your day. At the beginning of a new year of life, I invite you to reflect on the good and the bad that we have done this year. I also invite you to approach Jesus again because He never forgets his children.
  • Happy Birthday! Thanks for this new year of life, not everyone has the joy of having such a long time on Earth. And receive my sincere congratulations today.
  • Today you add a year to your life, adding experiences and knowledge, thank you for being alive, enjoy this life to the fullest and never lose faith in God.
  • May Our Lord Jesus always give you the strength you need to direct your steps in the search for your dreams. Congratulations on your day.
  • You are a valuable treasure, because you are a child of God. Love you very much. Have a very happy birthday.
  • Every day of your life is a blessing, because only God gives us the talents and abilities to put them into action and be a person at the service of God. I wish you all the happiness on your birthday and that you start a spectacular year.
  • Tonight, by blowing the candles of your delicious cake, you blow the blessing of God to grant your dreams and desires, and a long life. Happy Birthday.
  • Remember that according to how you trust God, He will open all the paths of intelligence and wisdom you need to fulfill your dreams according to the plan of Our Lord.

🎁 Christian birthday greetings

Thinking about your birthday, he sent many affections together with the desire that God bless you and fill your heart with joy and happiness
In your day. I have asked God to grant you all the things in your heart. I mean it and wish you a very happy day for you!
I raise my prayer to God to bless you, take care of you, guide you and most importantly: Let you know that He and I wish you the best. Happy Birthday.
Birthdays are a good time to remember that God creates some beautiful people. And you are one of the best I know. Congratulations!
Congratulations because today you are celebrating one more year of life. May you enjoy your next years of life in blessing, health, spiritual and economic prosperity. Amen! God bless you.
Only the Father knows what is in my heart and if you ask him, he will tell you that I only have the best intentions and the most fervent wishes for your birthday.
God does not count the candles on his cake or the money in the bank, but the love in your soul. Fortunately, you can count very high. Congratulations on your onomastic.
Congratulations, you are one of those people that you always want to meet, from you one receives good vibes and good energy always! God bless you!!! A hug.
May God bless you and fill your heart with joy and happiness and your mouth with sweets. Happy Birthday.
I hope God allows you to meet many more years to share with the important people in your life. Happy Birthday.
May you be glad to know that you are a child of God. Happy Birthday.
Congratulations! May Father God fill you with many blessings and give you much life and health. Have a special and happy day with your family. You are loved from the heart. Kisses and Happy Birthday!
On this very special day I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. May all the Blessings fall upon you and may the Almighty God always accompany you.
May you have a great time with those who appreciate and esteem you, many blessings and may God grant you peace, joy and wisdom to always turn to him.
I take this special date to express with all my heart the great affection and admiration I feel for you. Happy Birthday and may God always take care of you.
Today is a very special day ... from a distance, receive my best wishes for you to have a beautiful day, full of joys and surprises. Happy birthday God bless you!
The heart you love will always be young. I wish that God gives you a year full of love and joy. Happy Birthday.
A well lived Today makes every Yesterday a dream of happiness and every Morning a vision of hope. You deserve a lifetime of beautiful mornings. Happy Birthday.
Thank you for being someone with whom I can always talk. Happy Birthday, may God bless you today and forever.
On this special day I wish you happiness and much blessing from God. Happy Birthday!
For you! With much love I send you this wish, of happy birthday, because I love you and because you are a great son of God.
I just want to thank you for allowing me to accompany you on the road of life year by year, minute by minute, because that's how I feel it's worth it. Happy Birthday!
I may not have enough money for the most expensive gift, but I do have a huge heart to give you the most valuable gift! … Happy Birthday!
How happy it makes me that we are together in this celebration of another year of life, may God make you immortal, that is my greatest dream.
Celebrating your life is one of the greatest congratulations that God gave me, knowing that one more year you breathe and makes me be safe and happy.
Congratulations on your life anniversary, thank God for putting this angel on earth.
Life is celebrated every time we remember your birth, but from year to year the party has to be big. Well, God that day would have looked great with your putting on this world.
God is proud of you, you have led your life with righteousness and decorum, and on this anniversary, He decided to celebrate you with more blessings than usual. Congratulations
The years give experience and wisdom that we acquire with learning, but it is thanks to God that we add many of these. That's why it's nice for me to give you these words and say happy birthday to you.
God will always grant the desires of your heart, today on this special anniversary day of life.
God has reserved for you good gifts and perfect gifts you just have to obey and believe him, today on your birthday set your goal to love him more.
May God keep you and give you a very happy birthday to pour out his blessing on you.
Happy birthday great person, that every anniversary you strengthen the purpose of our God with you on the earth blessed your life and your people.
I am blessed by God, because he gave me a very special friend like you. Happy Birthday.
I am very grateful to the King of Kings for giving me someone as incredible as you. Congratulations.
Today I am celebrating the great friendship that God has placed in my life; A friendship like yours, my friend, congratulations.
The most beautiful gift I can give you is the word of God.
The glory of God has entered my life with you. Have a birthday full of blessings.
May all the angels of heaven protect you and may God give you more health and life. Happy Birthday.
Life with you is a happiness and full of the grace of Christ. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, God gave me the most wonderful gift of having you as my company. Happy Birthday!
Our creator has given us many blessings on your birthday for ever and ever.
May the spirit of God always accompany you wherever you are, since you are my source of inspiration. Happy Birthday!
On your birthday, my gift is the prayer I can make to the almighty to give you a heavenly life. Happy Birthday.
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