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▷ Happy Birthday Goddaughter +70 Messages and Phrases with images

Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter

🎈 Birthday messages for a goddaughter

Congratulations goddaughter. Have a great birthday and that this year you start is one of the best of your life. Remember that I love you and that I will always take care of you.

Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter

Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter
Happy birthday to my favorite goddaughter. Happy birthday and may your most precious wishes come true.
Every year that passes is a source of pride for me because with each birthday you celebrate, you become a great woman. Happy Birthday!
A kiss and a thousand hugs for my dear goddaughter. May this birthday be unforgettable and may your best gift be the love of those around you.
My best wishes to you, goddaughter. Remember that I love you and that I always keep you in mind. Happy Birthday!
May this birthday be one full of joy and dreams fulfilled. I love you and I wish you the best. Happy birthday goddaughter dear.

Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter

Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter
I want to send you my wishes of happiness, my best vibes, my hugs and my kisses. Have a happy birthday and enjoy this day as the best ever.
May every candle you blow out today be the promise of a dream fulfilled, of a goal achieved. Congratulations today my goddaughter, I wish you the best.
Live your life as you want to live it. Let nothing stop you when it comes to fulfilling your dreams and that this day is the best of the year for you. Happy Birthday!
May God pour all his blessings upon you and may he continue giving you many more years of life. Happy Birthday!
You were born this day and since then I see you as my daughter. You know you can always count on me and that I am one of the happiest to celebrate this day. Happy Birthday!
I hope that with each year you meet, you meet one more goal and know that I will always be there to support you. Happy birthday, little daughter, never stop smiling.
You know that I consider you as a daughter of mine and that I will always worry about you. I wish you a happy birthday and an unforgettable party.
Not everyone has the privilege of celebrating another year of life. I wish you the best in this year that you start and enjoy it as if it were the last. Happy Birthday!
From the bottom of my heart, happy birthday goddaughter. May you continue to be many years older and may only love and peace grow in your heart. I love you
May the wishes you ask today come true very soon. That, if you fall, you know how to get up and never forget that I will always be by your side. Happy birthday goddaughter!

🎉 Birthday congratulations for goddaughters

Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter

Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter

That when you blow each candle you make a wish and that these are fulfilled throughout your life. Congratulations on your day, for you always the best.
I will always give you my best advice and all my support in your decisions. Do not be afraid to fight for your dreams, I know you will always achieve them. Happy Birthday!
Dear goddaughter, on the day of your birthday I want you to receive my congratulations as a breath of fresh air, and that you receive with her a big hug and a big kiss. Happy Birthday!
You can not imagine the great illusion that made me see you come to this world. Later, that illusion multiplied when your parents named me your godfather. Goddaughter, for your birthday I want to wish you with all my heart, that you receive all the happiness in the world through these words. Congratulations!
With so much joy I have come to see you because every year you meet is a cause of joy for my heart. From a very young age I had you in my arms and today you are a young girl whom I ask every night to protect God. Happy birthday, my little daughter!

Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter
Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter
You are the sweetest girl in this world and sometimes I wish you never grew up. But with each year you get prettier and I only beg God to bless you with health and happiness. Happy birthday, my dear goddaughter!
On a day as special as today I wish with all my strength that your dreams become realities. I also want to remind you that I will be with you in every decision you make. A very strong kiss. Happy birthday goddaughter!
Goddaughter, I hope your eyes see how all your wishes are fulfilled. When you blow the candles tonight, your heart will show you everything that awaits you. I will always be close to support you. I love you very much goddaughter. Happy Birthday!
Dear goddaughter, I'm sure this birthday is very special for all that it means. But remember that the best gift is to feel the love of all the people around you. Congratulations!
Congratulations, little daughter. Have the best birthday and always get everything you want in your life. Do not forget that I feel a lot of affection for you and count on me for what you need
I wish a happy birthday to my favorite goddaughter. Happy birthday and may all your most desired wishes come true
I am happy to be able to accompany you every year in the celebration of your birthday because I am a faithful witness of seeing you become a very young and excellent person. Happy Birthday!
Only a few years ago you were the most special girl in my heart. Now you have become a woman. But remember that your sponsor will always be with you. Happy Birthday!
Dear goddaughter, I hope your birthday will be unforgettable for many reasons: because we are all by your side, because all your wishes are going to be fulfilled, and especially because of the love we give you. Happy Birthday!
A big kiss and a big hug for my dear goddaughter. May this day of your birthday be indelible and always be surrounded by the affection of all your family that loves you

🎁 Birthday greetings for my goddaughter

Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter
Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter

My best intentions for you, goddaughter. You know that I love you as if you were my daughter and I will always be there to help you in whatever you need. Happy Birthday!
That on this day you receive many surprises and greetings from your family and friends. I will always want the best in your life. I love you and I wish you the best. Happy birthday goddaughter of my heart
To my favorite goddaughter on her birthday, I want to send her a big hug, a kiss, and all my wishes of good fortune. Also, remember that your godfather will always be with her to give her all her love and affection. Congratulations!
On your birthday, always keep in mind that my hugs and kisses have only one recipient: my favorite goddaughter. I wish all your dreams and illusions are fulfilled as soon as possible. Happy birthday!
When you achieve all your goals, when you get all your challenges, when you fulfill all your desires, remember that both your parents and I always believed in your abilities. You are a unique person and we all know it, but today is your birthday I want to send you a big hug a huge kiss. Happy Birthday!
In every step you take, in every thing you look at, in every smile you offer, behind each gesture each of your words is a wonderful person. Dear goddaughter, today is your birthday. I just want to tell you a lot what you mean to your family. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday my beautiful goddaughter, on this day all your wishes come true that luck accompanies you on your way. I hope that the sun that has always illuminated you will continue to make it always at your destination.

Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter

Birthday phrases for my Goddaughter
I love to greet you for your birthday and conceal you as the little princess of this great city. You are a very good and educated girl besides giving me that beautiful smile of yours every time I want to hug you. Happy birthday, my little daughter!
Beautiful goddaughter, today I have come to greet you for your birthday and wish you much happiness. I am sure you will spend an incredible day surrounded by the people we love because you are an adorable and full of kindness young lady. Happy Birthday my little girl!
Sweetness and affection are two of the gifts you have so we all love you so much. This day of your birth I wanted to congratulate you with all my love because a person like you there are not many.
I hope you always remember me, that happiness surrounds you in your home, that the desires you have had come true soon continue dreaming as you always have. Dreamers always have a great future.
You occupy a piece of my heart, from the day you were born forever there you will be. That is why you are my goddaughter, a bond has emerged as soon as you see it will remain eternally.
Happy birthday goddaughter! My best wishes are for you my sweetest dreams too. You were born on a day like today, joy has flooded our home.
My gift for blight many blessings that you reach your greatest desires. I hope everything goes well that there are only roses on your path, without any thorn or stone.
I hope today is a very happy day for you that joy, hope and laughter reign in your home. The dreams that you have wanted so much, I hope they come true.
You know that I always remember you, that you are in my heart everywhere I carry you inside. On this special day ... how can I not remember you!
Always remain as you are, never change! Because people like you don't abound. Good, queen, in your heart, for that you will be rewarded.
All the blessings of the world I wish you, I send you many kisses from me. Do not forget that you are my goddaughter that link will always unite us, now and forever.
Your birthday is for me ... the most pleasant memory because a special being is born, on this day of glory, you.
Enjoy your day, the moment and life. Hugs and kisses from me, my dear goddaughter. Happy Birthday!
May joy always illuminate your heart, may happiness keep you from all sadness and always have love. Happy birthday my goddaughter! A hug.
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