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Birthday phrases for a Sister, MESSAGES, PHRASES, IMAGES

It is often said that in a blood brother is one with whom the pretenses are not worth. And it is true: that being possibly accompanied us from early on, he could see our doubts, glimpse beyond the facade what we are. A different, absolute love, that's why here we leave you the most beautiful birthday messages for a sister. 


§  Sister, you've been by my side forever, you've given me hugs and advice when I needed it most. The least I can do is tell you how much I love you on your birthday.
§  As a warning: I hope you have a great time in your natalacio, beautiful. See you soon.
§  A brother is a blessing, a demonstration that fate can also work miracles. Happy birthday, sister!
§  What would life be like without you, sister? Boredom, loneliness, feeling that nobody can know me in my true essence. Luckily I have you and I want to celebrate your birthday with you.
§  Congratulations, beautiful. May all good things follow you, attract you and never abandon you.
§  I still remember, older sister, your advice, the way you had to protect me. Thank you for so much and congratulations on your journey.
§  Life is what happens while your brothers teach you to grow. Happy birthday, sister!
§  Precious, I only hope that in your journey all your wishes are fulfilled and that happiness is multiplied.
§  We always went hand in hand, we always fought the same monsters and dared to fight. I am what I am, to a large extent, because you served me as a perfect mirror. Happy birthday, sister of the heart.
§  Despite our discussions and fights, we are sisters, and that is what makes us have such a beautiful and special relationship. I hope this day is unique for you and that you can enjoy with us at the beginning of your new year. Happy Birthday!
§  Today in an unforgettable day since it is your birthday, sister. I hope you have a great time in the company of your loved ones and then go to celebrate with all your friends. As a sister, I wish you a happy birthday.
§  Do you remember when we went out with our bicycles to look for thousands of adventures everywhere? I remember it as if it were yesterday and having you as a sister was a blessing. Every day I give thanks for that. Congratulations.
§  I never felt the pain, the violence or the simple anger of sharing my path and my things with you. It was always a pleasure to have you in our life from the beginning. I love you so much, sister and congratulations on your birthday!


§  You have always been a support, a balm, and a help. The words are not enough to thank you, but I have to do it. Congratulations, princess! Your brother will love you forever.
§  I found no distance, as a brother, from being a woman. We were always united, happy, destined to be together to succeed against the rival world. In your day I just want your happiness.
§  What is happiness? That I lived with you so long, that joy of knowing you present, even if you are not a sister. This little message is just a beginning: beautiful birth for you.
§  For more years of happy birthday, for more years of happiness, joy, and memories to share. Congratulations, sister!
§  How do you measure your life? In years? One more comes sister, these are the best birthday words for a sister. Remember that beyond numbers, the most important thing is to live fully surrounded by your loved ones, happy, happy and growing in wisdom. Happy Birthday Sister.
§  Congratulations! May all your wishes come true this year, may God give you more than you expect and my life allow me to continue enjoying your company for many more sister years. Live, run, shout, be happy. Your brother loves you.
§  A new year comes to you, loaded with teachings, sadness, joy, wisdom, and emotions to come. Happy Birthday my sister! I consider myself lucky to be your brother. God bless you.
§  You taught me that to win in life I must move on, despite everything and everyone. Thank you for your teaching; I hope heaven is partying for your birthday, sister.
§  I still remember those loops moved by the wind, that beautiful smile and that cadences voice that said, somehow, that everything was quiet. Sister, you are missed; but I will always carry you in my heart A happy birthday to you!
§  A brother is a beautiful help manual to survive daily. You have been, you are and I am grateful, older sister. Congratulations on your birth!
§  What did I feel when I saw you as a child? A model, a path to follow and above all a lot of security, since you would always know all the answers. Thank you very much, sister and congratulations on your birthday.


§  May God bless you today and forever, dear sister. I hope your loved ones (I include myself, of course) are excellent companions on this special day for you.
§  There are no experts in life, but some of us, however, were lucky to have lovely older brothers. Thank you, little sister, and celebrate your birthday surrounded by joy!
§  Wrinkles don't fit you; They are years of experience, sister. For this birthday I send you a cream and make kisses of happiness.
§  Every word, they say, is a betrayal because it cannot express what we feel. Nothing more true than with you, dear sister and, anyway, I use them Happy birthday, beautiful!
§  Enjoy your sister's birthday to the fullest, and save a little cake for others!
§  You have always been an example for me and the family. Thank you for your advice, for your support and your love. Happy Birthday Sister; you're the best.
§   Even if you are far from me, I always carry you deep inside my heart, precious sister.  I wish you had a wonderful and sensational birthday.
§  The world has been very fair to me, since it has given me a sister of an extraordinary size. Yes, that is what you are and I will always be grateful for your help and advice. Congratulations on your birth!
§  If the shadows existed in my life you chased them away with love and dedication. An older sister has a lot of mother and that was you. I love you very much and happy birthday!
§  If you are happy I will be happy. We know that it is not something that happens every day, that there are always ups and downs; but we search incessantly and I will help in that search and encounter. Congratulations on your birthday, beautiful!
§  It is beautiful to have a secret language with a sister, because in reality, what is shown is that you have built a world only for connoisseurs! Much joy on your birthday, little sister; Your memories always flood my soul!
§  Happiness is not an entity, but a predisposition that is largely given by others. Sister, you have always made me happy, so I hope that in your day you blow many candles and that your smile is the biggest in the world.
§  There is no better friend than a sister and there is no better sister than you. Congratulations, beautiful, on your birthday!
§  I never needed anything, since I always had everything with you, sister. You went and you will always be a blessing Happy birthday!
Birthday phrases for a Sister
Birthday phrases for a Sister 
Birthday phrases for a Sister
Birthday phrases for a Sister

Birthday phrases for a Sister
Birthday phrases for a Sister

Birthday phrases for a Sister
Birthday phrases for a Sister

Birthday phrases for a Sister
Birthday phrases for a Sister

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